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On my blog I often write about the joys of creativity, discussing books and experiences, and I offer an ecourse as a  venture stemming from that exploration - The Workroom, a virtual workspace. Participants in The Workroom (on a blog of our own) pursue their own creative projects in the company of geographically separated but like-minded colleagues. I provide information and encouragement as we navigate the cycle of creativity from vague idea to completion (or well-begun, depending on the project). Some people know exactly what they want to achieve, others want to start in and see what happens. I'm so pleased that the participants from the past sessions continue to post about their projects and find support from one another in their ongoing groups. The cost for the six week course is $60.

I'm thinking about a new session, for both returning students and new: "The Workroom - A Spring Intensive" - for the month of March 2016 with a chance to work on your simmering project. Let me know if this is of interest, and more to follow on the blog in the new year.
I would look forward to welcoming you to the new group. If you have questions or to sign up, please email me at herspiritsrose@gmail.com.

On my blog I've described more about what happens in The Workroom:




Participants Comments:

At the end of sessions I ask participants for feedback. I thank them for their lovely comments and post some here to help describe The Workroom:

"I LOVED The Workroom. I don't know that I would change anything...I liked your daily posts very much - they were brief, relevant, and good motivators. I think your comments to our posts were the most helpful part of the course, and the other participants' comments added much too. The group aspect of The Workroom is definitely important. My expectations were more than met - thank you!" Michelle T.

"I got so much out of the experience. I loved your steady and encouraging posts, the weekly page postings by participants, and all the commenting. I was able to knuckle down and find an area of focus and a new approach to my schedule." Carol H.

"I liked your 'themed week' approach. You were very organized and the way you had constructed The Workroom made a lot of sense. I felt confident - that you had spent time thinking about how this would work best, and that made me feel maybe I could be successful in it.

I very much appreciated the daily themed posts during the weeks. It helped me to have you touching in each day. Helped me to begin building the 'daily' muscle, too. Knowing you are doing your daily work helped me to try to do mine.

My expectations were met and exceeded and it was just such a deep pleasure. So many of us (I now believe) have this deep desire to do this/our work and it is worth a LOT to have someone create the space and structure for the support and encouragement to just do it and to understand that there are basic needs to satisfy in order to give yourself a good shot at success: routine, habit, encouragement, someone to point you towards the resolution (inner and outer) that you might need, etc." Margy C.

"This was a new experience for all of us, and to my mind an incredibly successful one. The most surprising thing for me is the closeness I feel to everyone in the group. And I think that is partly due to your guidance and the way you talked about everyone's posts. You set a good standard and I think we all tried to follow it."  Carol B.

"I enjoyed all the posts and definitely all the comments. At first I was leery, resistant to all the computer time. As the time passed, I enjoyed that time and my new skills. I feel like I have a new circle of caring friends."  Pat H.

"When we started and friends asked me about "The Workroom." I had difficulty explaining exactly how it would work. Now that we're done, I 'd recommend the Workroom to anyone stuck or starting a project.

Your postings have been excellent. So well thought out and very timely. I marvel at how you figured out what we would need and when we'd need it. You integrated inspirational quotes, references, your own ideas very well -- sometimes within one Post even. The sideline topics of books, quotes, etc. are helpful since they are easy to access in a glance.

Setting up Weekly Pages for us worked well, too. Your feedback to each of our Pages was very thoughtful in helping us sort out the next step or think of approaching something in a different way.

The success of the Workroom can also be measured by the way everyone participated so creatively with their own projects and also the depth and sincerity of their comments to one another.

Everything worked! I can't think of anything to change. Congratulations and THANK YOU!"
"I learned a lot about myself and also feel the spirit of kinship with the others. And honestly, I would recommend The Workroom for a lot of people. I told a friend about it yesterday and she said, 'why with a group?'. And I explained to her the support and creative spirit that comes with reading about other people being creative and then feeling it from yourself."  Judy R.

"The daily posts kept me going and inspired. The comments from fellow participants were great. Having a deadline once a week and at a certain time meant that there was closure on that week's work. Thank you, too, for responding to questions so rapidly."  N.D.




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